Difference between nail polish remover and acetone

what is the difference between nail polish remover and acetone

What is the difference between nail polish remover and acetone? They seem the same when we talk about removing polish and cleaning nails, but they are not. What are the differences between acetone and nail polish remover? Just as we beautify our nails when we paint them, it is equally important to eliminate residue to keep them healthy and be able to reapply the polish when necessary.

In any case, whether with one product or another, make sure it is quality and not just any one.


This solvent is used in the manufacturing of plastics and other industrial products, and is also present in personal care products.

It dries out the skin much more

Acetone dries out the skin more and this is why the nails become a little whiter, making it not recommended for nails that are more sensitive or that tend to break easily.

nail polish remover

As a general rule, nail polish remover is a somewhat less aggressive product than acetone, so it already makes a significant difference.

It costs more to remove enamel

Unlike acetone, nail polish remover, although it is less aggressive and chemical, is more complicated when removing the polish and can take a little longer.

Perfect if your nails break easily

If the nails are weak and break easily then we need products that are less aggressive, such as nail polish remover because acetone can be more harmful.

Healthier products

Currently there are many veggie products on the market that are healthier for our skin. And also to remove enamel, so it is always better to switch to these products that have fewer chemicals.